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After listening to residents I knew they deserved better… Through a racial equity lens, we wanted to focus on place — what currently exists here and shouldn’t be there — and find a way to remove it.

Mayor Randall Woodfin

2018 MICD 70 Portland, 2020 MICD Just City Mayoral Fellowship


Mayor Randall Woodfin, a 2018 MICD alum, also participated in the inaugural 2020 MICD Just City Mayoral Fellowship. His administration has brought new focus and energy to Ensley, a historically underinvested neighborhood in Birmingham, and brought related projects to both MICD programs.


During his participation in both the MICD Institute Session and the MICD Just City Mayoral Fellowship, Mayor Woodfin sought advice on turning the long-dilapidated Ramsay-McCormack Building, once a key Ensley landmark, into a community-centered startup hub.


“Design Leaders,” a series from Next Cityhighlights mayors’ roles in design and the built environment in their cities. In an installment published January 26, 2021, Mayor Woodfin discussed the major improvements coming to the Ramsay-McCormack Building. 

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