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A leadership initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors

Oklahoma City, OK

MICD in Oklahoma City

Date: November 20-22, 2019


Institute for Quality Communities at the University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City, OK

The Institute for Quality Communities (IQC) at the University of Oklahoma College of Architecture was founded in 2008 to bring the power of design to communities across Oklahoma. Over the last decade, architecture students have worked with community leaders in 50 community projects across 28 Oklahoma counties, while IQC’s biennial conference on placemaking attracts 3,000 visitors from 60 Oklahoma counties to learn about improving their communities through design.

IQC will host a session of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design geared toward small and mid-sized cities on November 20-22, 2019.


8 Mayors TBD

Resource Team

8 Resource Team members TBD

Photo by Visit OKC