Mayors' Institute on City Design


Matt Doherty (Host) | Belmar, NJ
Susan Howard | Monmouth Beach, NJ
Dina Long | Sea Bright, NJ
Michael Mahon | Oceanport, NJ
Jennifer Naughton | Spring Lake, NJ
Michael Ryan | Lake Como, NJ


John Anderson | Unabridged Architecture, Bay St. Louis, MS
Candace Damon | HR&A Advisors, New York, NY
Veronica O. Davis | Nspiregreen, Washington, DC
Jason Hellendrung | Sasaki Associates, Watertown, MA
Mary Margaret Jones | Hargreaves Associates, New York, NY
Marilyn Jordan Taylor | University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Philadelphia, PA
Georgeen Theodore | Interboro Partners and New Jersey Institute of Technology College of Architecture and Design, Brooklyn, NY

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MICD New Jersey_Mayor Michael Mahon

“We saw six part-time mayors in relatively small communities rise to the long-term challenge of the recurring consequences of extreme weather, and embrace the role of planning and design in creating resilience.”
— Marilyn Jordan Taylor, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

MICD New Jersey_Mayor Susan Howard

“Too often we see design (or the lack of it) without understanding the political or requisitory conditions. This session helped me understand that this is important and that we need to realize when it is time to ‘play by the rules’ and when it is appropriate to suggest they be broken.” 
— John Anderson, Unabridged Architecture

MICD New Jersey_Candace Damon

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