Mayors' Institute on City Design


Julián Castro (Host) | San Antonio, TX
Scott Bartley | Santa Rosa, CA
William Capote | Palm Bay, FL
Joseph Curtatone | Somerville, MA
Harry LaRosiliere | Plano, TX
Marni Sawicki | Cape Coral, FL
Kathy Sheehan | Albany, NY
Sandy Stimpson | Mobile, AL


Ellen Greenberg | Arup, San Francisco, CA
Meea Kang | Domus Development, Irvine, CA
David Lee | Stull & Lee, Boston, MA
Mukul Malhotra | MIG, Berkeley, CA
Mitchell Silver | City of Raleigh, Raleigh, NC
Daniel Solomon | Mithun Solomon, San Francisco, CA
Christine Ten Eyck | Ten Eyck Landscape Architects, Austin, TX

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MICD 58_Mayor Julián Castro

“What a fabulous crash course in urban planning and design! What I learned here is going to completely change what my city is going to look like in the next 10 years.”
— Cape Coral, FL Mayor Marni Sawicki

MICD 58_Mayor Scott Bartley

“MICD provided me with a creative, open, and fresh new perspective on my city. I came away with actionable items to improve the quality of the lives of my citizens.”
— Plano, TX Mayor Harry LaRosiliere

MICD 58_Mayor Kathy Sheehan

“The ease with which we all fall into stereotypic thinking became so vivid. The combined intelligence of this remarkable group cut through narrow thinking like a laser. Every conversation ended far, far away from where it began.”
— Daniel Solomon, Mithun | Solomon

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