Mayors' Institute on City Design


David Coss (Host) | Santa Fe, NM
Joe Adame | Corpus Christi, TX
Peter Carlisle | Honolulu, HI
Chris Coleman | Saint Paul, MN
Deke Copenhaver | Augusta, GA
Stephanie Miner | Syracuse, NY
Lionel Rivera | Colorado Springs, CO
Marilyn Strickland | Tacoma, WA


Richard Baron | McCormack Baron Salazar, Saint Louis, MO
Diane Dale | William McDonough + Partners, Charlottesville, VA
Julie Eizenberg | Koning Eizenberg Architecture, Santa Monica, CA
Theodore Landsmark | Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA
Jacinta McCann | AECOM, San Francisco, CA
Michael Moule | Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, San Francisco, CA
John Syvertsen | Cannon Design, Chicago, IL
Marilyn Jordan Taylor | University of Pennsylvania School of Design, Philadelphia, PA

MICD 49_Mayor Peter Carlisle

“We’ve learned as design professionals that traveling the world is a great way to see new forms of city design success and failure. MICD proves there is as much to learn by ‘visiting’ America’s cities through the eyes and the initiatives of design-savy mayors!”
— Marilyn Jordan Taylor, University of Pennsylvania School of Design

MICD 49_Mayor Chris Coleman

MICD 49_Walking tour

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