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Mayor Anne Burt (2019 - Present)

MICD Tampa 2023


Woodbury, MN Mayor Anne Burt attended a special session of the Mayors’ Institute on City Design in November 2023, hosted by the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. One of Minnesota’s fastest growing cities, Woodbury is a newer city and an economic hub in the east metro region of the Twin Cities. The community is known for its parks, recreational facilities, and commitment to quality of life. Its proximity to major employment centers and multiple corporate headquarters provides residents with a number of high-quality jobs. 


The city’s upcoming Public Safety Campus expansion was selected from among three possible projects, with the guidance of the session host team. “Of all the projects, the public safety project seemed the most relevant for the time. The timing is perfect for that because we are embarking upon that design right now on how we’re going to expand that,” said Mayor Burt.

“And one of the challenges we have is how to better utilize that space. We currently have ambulances coming out right on to Radio Drive in not a great area. So we’re looking at, how might we move that further down? And then how might we design that whole entire campus to better function, and to be more inviting to the public?”


After attending MICD, Mayor Burt partnered with her local cable commission to share her MICD experience with the community. Watch the video to hear more about Mayor Burt’s MICD experience in her own words.

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