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Virtual Seminar: Attaining Quality Urban Design through City Leadership

Virtual Seminars are engaging and interactive learning opportunities for small groups of mayors and their senior staff. Each one-hour seminar features a deep-dive presentation on a single timely topic, followed by a moderated group discussion among the attendees.

Virtual Seminar: Attaining Quality Urban Design through City Leadership

In this seminar, we will explore ways that you, as mayor, can embed design thinking and design excellence into your administration. From mayor’s design awards to cabinet positions, to the design of city hall itself, how you shape your administration is key to creating more livable, equitable, and thriving communities.

This seminar revisits a presentation originally shared at the United States Conference of Mayors 92nd Annual Meeting in June 2024.   

While registration is limited to mayors and city staff, a recording of the presentation will be posted after the event.

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Gerardo Garcia
The Urbanism Bureau

Gerardo Garcia is a licensed Architect and Urban Designer focused on driving equitable development in communities that need it most.

Gerardo’s professional training and leadership in public interest design, have allowed him to spearhead Chicago’s most innovative planning and urban design efforts.

In his prior leadership roles in city government, he was responsible for ensuring that Chicago’s economic development goals were supported by thoughtfully designed buildings that enhance neighborhoods where it matters most: on the streets and sidewalks where people live and work. Gerardo’s planning and design leadership has supported over $14B in economic development for the City of Chicago – characterized by community-driven engagement and the use of design excellence as an economic development tool.




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