Mayors' Institute on City Design


Joseph P. Riley, Jr. (Host) | Charleston, SC
Sly James | Kansas City, MO
Jon Mitchell | New Bedford, MA
Robbie Perkins | Greensboro, NC
Madeline Rogero | Knoxville, TN
Pedro Segarra | Hartford, CT
Greg Stanton | Phoenix, AZ
Teresa Tomlinson | Columbus, GA
Beth Van Duyne | Irving, TX


Rodrigo Abela  | Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Washington, DC
Stephen Ayers | Architect of the Capitol, Washington, DC
Barbara Brown Wilson | Center for Sustainable Development, University of Texas, Austin, TX
Ellen Dunham-Jones | Georgia Tech School of Architecture, Atlanta, GA
Tim Griffin | Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation, St. Paul, MN
Paul Okamoto | Okamoto Saijo Architecture, San Francisco, CA
Catherine Sloss Crenshaw | Sloss Real Estate Company, Birmingham, AL
Jennifer Toole | Toole Design Group, Silver Spring, MD

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MICD 54_Mayor Greg Stanton

“I learned more from the design professionals’ ideas and comments on other [mayors’] presentations than my own. I [also] learned a ton from the other mayors’ presentations.”
— Phoenix, AZ Mayor Greg Stanton

MICD 54_Mayor Sly James

“As a transportation planner, I don’t often get to hear about the economic development side.  I feel like I have a much better understanding of the interplay between the two [after attending the Mayors’ Institute].”
— Jennifer Toole, Toole Design Group

MICD 54_Mayor Robbie Perkins

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