Mayors' Institute on City Design


Francis Slay (Host) | St. Louis, MO
Peter Buttigieg | South Bend, IN
Edna Jackson | Savannah, GA
Jean Quan | Oakland, CA
Shelley Welsch | University City, MO
William Wild | Westland, MI


Peter Cook | Davis Brody Bond, Washington, DC
Betsy Jackson | The Urban Agenda, Ann Arbor, MI
Tim Love | Utile, Boston, MA
Steven McKay | DLR Group, Seattle, WA
Bonnie Nelson | Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, San Francisco, CA
Margie Ruddick | Margie Ruddick Landscape Architecture, Philadelphia, PA
Shin-pei Tsay | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington, DC

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MICD 53_Mayor Jean Quan

“Thank you for providing me with some additional skills so that I can become a better mayor [of] Savannah; please plan a session in Savannah!”
— Savannah, GA Mayor Edna Jackson

MICD 53_Steve McKay

“[MICD] reinforced the notion that there is a strong connection between disciplines that is required in order to address civic issues properly.”
— Peter Cook, Davis Brody Bond

MICD 53_Mayor Peter Buttigieg

“[Prior to MICD] I wasn’t thinking large enough in my vision to create or define an image for our city. I didn’t realize all of the different layers that go into design.”
— Westland, MI Mayor William Wild

MICD 53_Walking tour

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