Mayors' Institute on City Design


Antonio Villaraigosa (Host) | Los Angeles, CA
Sam Adams | Portland, OR
Ralph Becker | Salt Lake City, UT
Richard Berry | Albuquerque, NM
Bob Foster | Long Beach, CA
Ann Johnston | Stockton, CA
William Kenoi | County of Hawaii, HI
Jim Suttle | Omaha, NE


Dana Bourland | Enterprise Community Partners, Columbia, MD
Debra Campbell | City of Charlotte Planning Department, Charlotte, NC
Mami Hara | Wallace Roberts & Todd, Philadelphia, PA
Mary Margaret Jones | Hargreaves Associates, San Francisco, CA
Theodore Landsmark | Boston Architectural College, Boston, MA
Christopher Leinberger | Brookings Institution, Washington, DC
Wellington Reiter | Urban Instruments, Phoenix, AZ
Jeffrey Tumlin | Nelson\Nygaard, San Francisco, CA

MICD 47_Mayor Ralph Becker

“This program was exceptionally well done. MICD expanded horizons, integrated ideas [and] gave me a lot to bring home to projects our city is pursuing.”
— Salt Lake City, UT Mayor Ralph Becker

MICD 47_Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

“An outstanding concept to take eight mayors—no staff or media—combine with eight of the best and brightest design [professionals] from around the country and engage in direct, honest, and sincere critique of ideas, proposals, and philosophies. I have an entirely new appreciation for the opportunity I have to lead my community.”
— County of Hawaii, HI Mayor William Kenoi

MICD 47_Mayor Richard Berry


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