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Friends of MICD,

We could not be more proud and excited to debut our new website, the culmination of many months of work with our partners at Mode. You’ll notice new elements and language that reflect a more nuanced, transparent view of our programming, which we’ve already been carrying forward into our work. We’re so excited to share the flagship piece of these efforts with you now.

The new showcases our purpose – to shape cities that are resilient, equitable, and thriving – and emphasizes that design is more than just an aesthetic: it’s a way to put people first and improve their lives. Our hands-on, collaborative problem-solving approach aims to equip mayors and leaders with the knowledge, tools, and resources to create meaningful change.

The site also creates transparency around our programs, detailing the process and outcomes of each one. And it clearly shows our impact: all across the country, when mayors lead with design, they lead the way to purposeful, positive transformation in our communities.

We invite you to explore our programs, testimonials, past projects, and resources – and of course to get involved and lead with design.

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