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A leadership initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors

Marysville, WA


Mayor: Mayor Jon Nehring (2011-Present)
Institute Session: 2013 MICD West

“The [Institute] was an eye-opening and invaluable experience in so many ways. I returned to Marysville with a boost of confidence in the direction we’re headed with our downtown-waterfront redevelopment and more tools to make it happen. Equally important, the great feedback provided by urban design experts is currency I brought home gleaned out of three intensive days that you can’t get anywhere else. Design decisions for public spaces goes to the root of what makes a good city great. If we’re deliberate and committed to addressing design challenges in downtown and waterfront plans, our actions will enrich our city and our citizens, and make Marysville not only a great place to live and visit, but a great place for businesses to prosper for generations…

This conference was an incredible opportunity for mid-sized cities like Marysville. It was an eye-opening experience hearing the other mayors’ stories about their circumstances, and getting cutting-edge perspectives on how to move forward with major design and development plans in the 21st century. The highlight of the conference was the expert feedback provided by a team of urban design professionals and professors from different parts of the county.”
— Marysville, WA Mayor Jon Nehring

Landing page photo by flickr user John R