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A leadership initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors

Cheyenne, WY


Mayor: Marian Orr (2017 - 2021)
Institute Session: 2017 MICD 68

In May 2018, the city of Cheyenne broke ground on the new Civic Center Commons project, which will will transform a city-owned parking lot into a community park and flood water drainage area. The neighborhood around the project has flooded in the past and city officials expect that when completed, Civic Center Commons will help mitigate some of the flood risk for the area. 

Former Mayor Marian Orr presented this project when she attended MICD in 2017. Though much of the design for the Commons was already complete, Mayor Orr says that the experience at MICD helped reshape the way she pursues design projects going forward. “In Cheyenne, we tend to be very regional when we look for designers for our projects. One of the resource team members pointed out that in today’s global world, we really didn’t need to settle for regional design. We needed to think larger — we deserve good design just like any other city.

As a new mayor, attending MICD was one of Mayor Orr’s first opportunities to collaborate with other mayors and also provided an invaluable crash course on urban design. “Everyone loves trees and parks and I thought that’s what it was all about,” said Mayor Orr on her perception of urban design before MICD. “Walkability was never a word in my vocabulary before MICD but now I probably talk about it at least once every day.”

— Former Cheyenne, WY Mayor Marian Orr

Landing page photo by flickr user vjpaul