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A leadership initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with the United States Conference of Mayors

Oklahoma City, OK

Success Story:
Oklahoma City

Mayor: Mick Cornett (2004-2018)
Institute Session: 2004 MICD 34 & 2005 MICD Schools

Former Oklahoma City, OK Mayor Mick Cornett calls MICD “the single most important meeting that I ever attended from a big picture planning perspective.” Nine years after attending the Institute, Mayor Cornett received the Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Award for Leadership in Urban Design for his work in the city.

“That initial exposure [at MICD] was very, very important to me, and allowed me to go back to Oklahoma City and speak on a whole new level than I was able to do before because I had picked up talking points and key fundamentals about urban planning and walkability, and the importance of creating a city for people as opposed to cars, and all of that came initially from that one meeting in Charleston.”
— Former Oklahoma City, OK Mayor Mick Cornett

In May 2016, Mayor Cornett hosted MICD’s 65th National Session in Oklahoma City.

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